Wasatch Preschool Program

About Wasatch PreschoolWasatch Presbyterian Preschool offers a nine-month program that begins in September and continues through May. It is designed to:

  • Teach academic, socialization, and problem solving skills.
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Explore areas of potential talent through creative thinking experiences and activities.
  • Increase ability for verbal expression and
  • Develop trust in ones self and others.


We encourage children to experiment and explore in an environment free from failure. When engaged in creative thinking activities, it is important that there is no right or wrong answer, that all answers are acceptable.

Children develop abilities to see problems from new perspectives, think
differently about things and attempt new approaches.

Program Philosophy

Our program uses guidelines set forth by the NAEYC Accredidation and by the Utah State Office of Education. We prepare children for school by focusing on problem solving, socialization skills, creative processes, and academic concepts.

Research and experience tell us that to be effective with young children, teaching needs to be "developmentally appropriate." This means that educators first consider children’s characteristics and then create a learning environment with experiences in tune with their students.

Play is the work of young children and a large part of our program. Learning takes place when children explore their world by experimenting with new ideas, testing their skills, learning to get along with others and seeing how their muscles work. Simple routines provide the structure children need each day.

Our preschool is a community outreach program of Wasatch Presbyterian Church. We teach simple Bible stories once a month. Children from all religious backgrounds participate.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that we serve children of diverse backgrounds, we offer a safe, nurturing environment that promotes intellectual, emotional and social growth, allowing children to build a strong foundation of confidence and enthusiasm appropriate for lifelong learning.