Wasatch Preschool Contact Information

Please contact us in any of the following ways:

Wasatch Preschool

Preschool Director: Christy Lawlor
Phone: 801-487-2641
Fax: 801-487-7577
Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool
1626 South 1700 East
Salt Lake City - Utah 84108

Teacher/Office Staff Email Addresses:

3-Year old teachers, Green Room:

Miss Becky: missbeckywpp@comcast.net
Miss Lori: lor1956@aol.com

3-Year old teachers, Red Room

Miss Rochelle:slcgiz@comcast.net
Miss Sandi: rtbeisinger@aol.com

3-Year old teachers, Yellow Room

Miss Tammy: tammy.freed@comcast.net
Miss Karen: kgiles062@gmail.com

4-Year Old teachers, Blue Room:

Miss Christy: christylawlor311@gmail.com
Miss Lora: king.lora@comcast.net

4-Year Old, Yellow Room

Miss Shelly: ShellyLeatham@gmail.com
Miss Tammy: tammy.freed@comcast.net

Office Staff Email Addresses:

Kim Plute, Office Assistant: wppoffice@gmail.com
Carol Rugg, Administrative Assistant: crugg@wpcslc.org
Julie Johnson (Director):christylawlor@wpcslc.org

Wasatch Presbyterian Church

Rebecca Sandulli
Director of Children’s Ministry Wasatch Presbyterian Church

Rev. Scott Dalgarno
Pastor of Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool

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