Wasatch Preschool Newsletter November 2015 Calendar

November 1st: Tuition due.

November 12th-13th: Parent/Teacher Conferences, no class. Childcare is available on the playground for siblings.

November 25th-27th: Thanksgiving Recess, NO SCHOOL

Wasatch Preschool - November 2015 Newsletter (PDF)


There is no school November 25th-27th because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you have a great time with family and friends.


Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for November 12th-13th. Be sure to sign up and come talk with teachers about the progress your child is making.


Occasionally, some parents leave infants and toddlers unaccompanied in cars while bringing older children into preschool. This is a friendly reminder that this practice is not safe as well as against the law. Think how badly we would all feel if something bad happened to one of these children while left unattended in a car. Just last year we had a purse theft take place in our parking lot while a Mom ran into school quickly, leaving her car unlocked and reasoning that she would be “right back.” Remember that things like this can happen to anyone! Take the time to bring younger children in with you as you drop off older children for class. Or, if you like you may participate in the Car Watch Committee and take turns watching children left in cars so that they are not unattended. Always lock your car before you come into the school. CLASS PICTURES Pictures of the children should be available in the next week or so. We put them in the children’s file folders as soon as they arrive so you can have them as soon as possible.


We encourage you to use Early Morning and Lunch Bunch Services. They provide an extra opportunity for your child to develop socialization and problem solving skills by interacting with new and different children every day they attend. These services also provide you with some extra time to accomplish other things. Early Morning Care begins at 8:00 am, Lunch Bunch at 11:30.


Distribution of our Emergency food and supplies took place last week. Each room now has enough food water, and light to use for an emergency.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

I am often asked why we hold Parent/Teacher Conferences for children so young. The answer to this question is very important. The main reason we hold them is to provide teachers with the opportunity to give you detailed, accurate information about your child . This information includes progress in areas such as academic performance, social interaction, problem solving skills, or concerns a teacher may have regarding any of the above. Always remember that if teachers express concerns about your child they do it because they care about your child and want to do all they can to help your child succeed. The earlier we intervene and get children the help and/or support they need, the easier it is to successfully deal with the issue at hand. This is true with everything from small speech issues to more serious, long term things that might affect a child for years to come.

Another reason for holding the conferences is to give parents an opportunity to express information about things going on at home that might affect their child at school. Interaction between parents and teachers at pick-up and drop-off time is not private or confidential since other parents waiting nearby may hear what is talked about. Our conferences give parents a chance to impart important information to teachers without others hearing all about it. Our teachers look forward to communicating with you at Parent/Teacher Conferences soon.