Wasatch Preschool Newsletter Calendar

April 1st: Tuition due,

April 10h: Late tuition fees begin

May 13th: Last day of Lunch Bunch and Early Morning Care.

April 22nd: Spring Fun Fair 6:00-8:00 pm

May 26th-27th: Last days of school, program for parents.

Wasatch Preschool - April 2016 Newsletter (PDF)


A great big thank you goes to all those who so generously donated to Teacher/Staff Appreciation week. The teachers/ staff love the recognition and love working with your children.


We still have a few openings in our program for next fall. Let friends and neighbors know so they can get one before they are all gone.


April is the last month you pay tuition because you paid for May when you registered. However, you do need to check with Carol or Kim in the office to see if you owe any Lunch Bunch or Early Morning Care fees.


Don’t forget our fundraiser this year, on Friday, April 22nd, 6:00-8:00 pm at the Preschool. It should be lots of fun! Come mingle with old friends and new. Also bring money to bid on silent auction items while your children play. If you can’t attend we suggest you make a donation at the school office instead, A suggested tax deductible donation is $20 or more per student. All the money raised goes directly to the school for program use to enhance program operation.


The last day for Lunch Bunch is Friday, May 13th. Early Morning care after this is only on an “as needed” basis. You must prepay for it in the office and make arrangements with the early morning care teacher to use it. The purpose of ending it a little early is to collect any outstanding balances owed by families during the last two weeks of school. Please check with Carol/Kim in the office and pay any money owed for Lunch Bunch, tuition and Early Morning Care.


We started our new waiting lists. If you did not get into the class you preferred, contact Julie in the office and she will get you on the waiting list of your choice.


Tours of the school are given weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. for friends and family interested in any remaining openings.


Here is some food for thought...

"Effort to Restore Children's Play Gains Momentum," was the encouraging title of a recent New York Times article. Here are a few excerpts from the article...

"For several years, studies and statistics have been mounting that suggest the culture of play in the United States is vanishing. Children spend far too much time in front of a screen, educators and parents lament — 7 hours, 38 minutes a day on average, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation last year. And only one in five children live within walking distance (a half-mile) of a park or playground, making them even less inclined to frolic outdoors...

"Too little playtime may seem to rank far down on the list of society's worries, but the scientists, psychologists, educators, and others who are part of the play movement say that most of the social and intellectual skills one needs to succeed in life and work are first developed through childhood play. Children learn to control their impulses through games like Simon Says, play advocates believe, and they learn to solve problems, negotiate, think creatively, and work as a team when they dig together in a sandbox or build a fort with sofa cushions. (The experts define play as a game or activity initiated and directed by children. So video games don't count, they say, except perhaps ones that involve creating something, and neither, really, do the many educational toys that do things like sing the ABCs with the push of a button.)...