Wasatch Preschool Newsletter Calendar

September 1st-2nd: Tuition due

September 5th: Labor Day, no school

September 22nd-23rd: Class Pictures

October 6th-7th: UEA, No school




Welcome to preschool! We hope the first week of school goes well and look forward to a great start of a wonderful year.


Remember September tuition is due by the 10th of this month.


Tell friends to call about openings we still have for 4 year olds.


Lunch Bunch students eat lunch this year in the by the kitchen on the main floor of the building. Then they go out on the playground for the rest of the hour. Pick your children up on the playground but do not use the gate to get in there. Go through the school and out the door inside the building. On inversion days pick the children up in the gym upstairs.


Each year we purchase food and water for children attending school when a disaster occurs. If your child has unusual dietary needs or allergies you may want to make your own kit to be kept at school. Then, bring it into the office .


Tuition is due the first class day of every month. After the 10th of each month there is a $5/day late fee. Pay tuition by the month or pay for the whole year all at once. Make checks payable to WPP. Five day tuition is $345/ month, four day tuition is $295/month, three day tuition is $210/month and two day tuition is $160/ month.


We remind you to bring snack on your assigned day. Do not worry about sending drinks. We serve water. Do not send sweet treats unless it is your child’s birthday or you have been asked as a part of a holiday party! SHOES Send your children to school wearing shoes with closed toes and heels to avoid accidents on the playground. If you need to enter the playground, enter through the school, not through the gate.


You can make all the difference in your child’s ability to separate from you at the beginning of class. Positive comments, reassurances, hugs and kisses at the door help your children feel competent and confident. Long good-byes prolong anxious feelings they have while entering the classroom. When you leave quickly it allows us to get right into our familiar routine. However, if you think your child will adjust better to school if you stay for a session or two at the beginning of the year, please feel free to discuss this option with the teacher. After the first two weeks, we respectfully ask that you do not stay in the classroom once class has begun. It is all right to leave an unhappy child. Crying usually lasts only a few minutes. We will call you if it continues for too long. Eventually, most children do not cry at all. We ask that you give teachers the chance to bond with your child, without parents for a few weeks. After that you are welcome to visit! Just let your teacher know.