Wasatch Preschool Newsletter Calendar

  • March 1st : Tuition due, Open Enrollment deadline.
  • March 14th:Staff Meet- ing: No Lunch Bunch.
  • March 16th - 17th: Parent Teacher Conference,
  • No School. April 10 - 14: Spring Break, NO SCHOOL




This is a friendly reminder that unless you have made other arrangements with the school Director registration fees are due, payable through pay Pal, over the phone with a credit card, or in person by check or credit card. Please submit your money promptly to avoid be- ing dripped from the pro- gram.


You don’t want to get caught with one of our expensive late feesl Please pick you children up on time.


As the end of the school year approaches, the office staff remind you that the last month’s tuition you paid at registration time applies to this coming May. So, you won’t need to pay tuition in May but should check with Kim or Carol in the office to pay any other outstanding fees.


We finished “In House” reg- istration. Your returning students are already placed into time slots for next year. If you prefer a different placement than the one you received, contact Julie in the office to get on the new waiting list.


The deadline for new student applications is March 1st. On that day we begin processing new applications in random order and contact applicants shortly after to let them know their results.


It is time to plan our annual fundraiser. If you can help, contact Kim in the office. She works Monday, Wednes- day and Thursday mornings. The date for the event is April, 21, 2017. Save this date for a fun evening. All proceeds go directly to the school. VAC


Plan now to update vaccina- tions over the summer to be ready for entrance to school again in the Fall!


WPP acknowledges the sacrifice and planning required by many of our families to make educating their children a top priority. Teachers here do their best to insure that children attending WPP are richly rewarded for the choice their parents make to send them here. We pledge to do our part to continue making the experi- ence here as good as possible. Hopefully, you find this program full of all the academics, socialization skills, problem solving skills and fun that you want. More importantly we hope you appreciate our well rounded ap- proach. Many programs are doing away with this emphasis, and I believe, depriving children of very important life skills. Regardless of how smart children are, they will never go very far in life if they lack the skills re- quired to get along with other people.