Wasatch Preschool Policies

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Parents bring children into the building and check them in and out of class each day.


Children should wear washable clothing appropriate for weather conditions. They go outside almost every day. Shoes must have closed toes and heels to prevent accidents on the playground.


The Preschool implements positive discipline methods at our school including the teaching of socialization skills, problem solving skills, and redirection.

Emergency Kits:

The preschool requires Emergency Kits for every child. You may purchase them through the school.

Extended Care:

The preschool provides extended care for the convenience of families that attend our school. Parents may sign children up for Early Morning and/or Lunch care. Parents must notify the school 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged when a child does not attend. Children bring their own sack lunch.

Field Trips (click here for more information):

Every year, both parents and teachers decide how many field trips children will take in each class. Parents transport their own children to and from the Field Trip location and sign them in for the day. If parents cannot transport their own children they may arrange for a carpool with other parents. Teachers do not transport children.

Flier Distribution:

Please approve information through the Preschool Director before you place it into children’s file folders.


Teachers, the school’s Director and an active Parent Advisory Board stand ready to address issues of concern that parents bring to the school.

Illness Policy (click here for more information):

The State Health department requires you to keep your sick children home.


Parents must submit a registration forms, including a health form and record of immunizations for their children to attend school. Turn these forms in before school begins.

Late Fees:

Late Pick-up Fee

Parents receive late fees when they pick up children more than ten minutes after class is over. WPP charges ten dollars for each additional five minutes after the first ten minute period. Late fee money is given to teachers who stay late to care for children.

10 minutes late = $10

15 minutes late = $20

20 minutes late = $30, etc.

Late Tuition Fees

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. A late fee of $5/day is charged after the 10th of each month. Parents then have one week to pay the balance on their account. All outstanding balances not discussed with the director after that date will result in termination of a child’s enrollment at the school. Re-enrolling a child will require re-payment of the yearly registration fee and all outstanding charges.

Returned Check Fee

A $20 fee is charged on all returned checks.

Nondiscrimination policy:

Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool admits students of any religion, race, color, disability, and national or ethnic origin.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Teachers hold Parent/Teacher Conferences twice a year. You may request other conferences as needed.

Snack Policy (click here for more information):

Parents take turns providing healthy snacks for their child’s whole class. Send sweet snacks only on a child’s birthday. Teachers call and remind you when you forget to send snack. We charge your account $10 if you forget to send it on your assigned day. We provide water for drinks or you may send milk.


You may withdraw from our preschool at any time. The preschool does not refund the registration fee when you leave.

Teacher Requests:

The preschool does not take teacher requests unless your situation is unusual, requiring a specific placement.

Toilet Training:

2-year olds may wear diapers, 3-5 year olds must be toilet trained to attend preschool.


We welcome volunteers/observers in classrooms anytime. Just let teachers know ahead of time and they will introduce you to the class and put you to work in one of their centers.

  • For more information on our school policies obtain a copy of the “Parent Handbook,” available in the office of the preschool or contact the director, Julie Johnson, at 801-487-2641.