Wasatch Preschool Illness Policy

Dear Parents,
Now that the cold weather has set in, sickness will not be far behind. This is a reminder that the policy of this school is for you to keep your children home when they are ill. If they come to school the health department requires us to immediately separate sick children from others in their class and notify parents to come and remove their children from school.
We do not have the large pool of substitutes that the school districts have. This makes it difficult for us to find substitutes. When you send sick children to school, you spread disease to the other children and to the teachers. Please be considerate when you can and keep your sick children home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Illness Policy

To help prevent illness from spreading, children will be excluded from the classroom if any of the following symptoms or conditions occur:

  1. Fever of 100 degrees or above,
  2. Nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain,
  3. Diarrhea,
  4. Unusual drowsiness or tiredness,
  5. Sore throat, colored mucus, acute cold, or persistent cough (non allergic),
  6. Red, inflamed, or discharging eyes,
  7. Swollen glands around jaws, ears, or neck ,
  8. Impetigo, until 24 hours after an acceptable antibiotic treatment has been started,
  9. Any skin sore oozing fluid, yellow pus in blisters, or pus which has an odor,
  10. Chicken pox, until all pox are scabbed over.

We will notify parents, in a written notice, of any contagious diseases. Basic Rule of Thumb: If your child is not well enough to play outdoors, the child is not well enough to come to school.