Late Pick-up Fee

Parents receive late fees when they pick up children more than ten minutes after class is over. WPP charges ten dollars for each additional five minutes after the first ten minute period. Late fee money is given to teachers who stay late to care for children.

10 minutes late = $10

15 minutes late = $20

20 minutes late = $30, etc.

Late Tuition Fees

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. A late fee of $5/day is charged after the 10th of each month. Parents then have one week to pay the balance on their account. All outstanding balances not discussed with the director after that date will result in termination of a child’s enrollment at the school. Re-enrolling a child will require re-payment of the yearly registration fee and all outstanding charges.

Returned Check Fee

A $20 fee is charged on all returned checks.